The Benefits of Breast Massage

The main purpose of breast massage is to remove harmful toxins from your body.

However, there are many more benefits to breast massage. Actually, any type of massage is beneficial. Below are some benefits of massaging the breasts.

Breast Massage Can Improve Breast Appearance

Yes, breast massage can help the appearance of your breasts. The shape of your breasts benefit from breast massage. Massaging your breasts can prevent sagging and create a more attractive bust line.

The act of massaging is like a form of exercise for your breasts. The massage stimulates circulation that can help break down benign cysts and strengthen the ligaments and muscle tissue in the chest. The result is firmer breasts and less sagging.

Breast Massage has Benefits to Your Health

Toxins can accumulate in the breasts and could contribute to development of cancer.  Breast massage can promote the breasts’ lymphatic system to drain. When toxins are decreased in the breast tissue, nutrient-rich blood can then circulate in the breast tissue thus helping to creating healthier breasts and improved health overall.

Therapeutic Benefits of Breast Massage

Massaging any area of the body can have healing affects for aches and pains. The soft gentle approach of massage, especially on the breasts, can be incredibly therapeutic. Breast massage can lessen lessen pain and swelling, reduces soreness in breast tissue, and softens tension in the ligaments.

More therapeutic benefits of breast massage is a relaxed mind and body along with improved self confidence.

Breast Massage Can Provide Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The technology for mammograms is improving, but it is not the a perfect solution. Breast massage is one of the best ways to detect the early stages of breast cancer. Knowing how your breasts look and feel over time is one of the best ways to tell if something is changing and what to tell your doctor.

Your doctor sees you once a year. You see your breasts every day of the year. You know how they look and feel during each stage of your menstrual cycle. When you are familiar with your breasts you can better speak about them to your doctor should anything start to concern you.

How To Do a Breast Massage

There are lots of resources available online to learn how to do a breast massage. Here are the basics.

Do a breast massage (aka breast exam) once a month. The breast tissue is less sensitive after your menstrual cycle. If you no longer have periods, pick a day that’s easy to remember.

Step 1: Prepare your hands by using a lubricant, preferably a natural one like olive oil. This will help your hands move more easily over your skin. Apply the natural lubricant to your hands and slowly rub your hands together to warm you hands and the lubricant for a more comfortable massage.

Step 2: Lay down and use your right hand to feel your left breast and vice versa. Keep your fingers together and flat. Move them in a circular motion about the size of a large coin using a soft yet firm touch. Massage the entire breast from top to bottom and side to side. Use different amounts of pressure from light to medium to firm on different parts of the breast. You can also include your armpit.

Step 3: Sit or stand and feel your breasts again using the same motions as when you were laying down. Alternatively you can do this while in the shower, since your hands will already be wet.

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