Practice Self Love This Valentine’s Day and Improve Your Health!

Self Love Valentines

Experience more love this Valentine’s Day by practicing self-love.

Our culture naturally focuses more on romance and couples at Valentine’s, rather than on ‘self love’ or ‘love’ in the truer sense of the word. However, if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, or your partner doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, this time of year can make you feel like you’re missing out.

When you get down to it, we could all use more self-love in our lives, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not. Showing yourself more self-love actually improves your emotional and physical health. 

Self love has been proven to positively impact your physical health!

Your Heart is Healthier When You Love Yourself

Studies show that people who improve and maintain good self-esteem are generally healthier than those who don’t. Low self-esteem can actually bring about health issues.

The benefits of self-love spill over into all areas of your life. When you feel good and have love for yourself, everyone benefits. Why do you think so many people started paying it forward in cafes? 

Make Peace and Self Love, Not War

People who make peace with their physical body are better able to deal with life’s problems.

A study shows that self acceptance not only improves how you see your body image but also makes you more accepting of others. Couldn’t this world use more of that? Peace really does start at home.

How You Perceive Yourself Affects Your Physical Health

Unfortunately our culture is a ‘judging and shaming’ culture by its very nature. Body shame actually increases the possibility that mental and physical health will decline. When you practice self love with yourself and also extend love to others who support you, the shame begins to fade away.

More inner peace and love start to become the norm in your life instead of negativity and unrest.

Start Adding More Self Love Into Your Life with These Simple Suggestions:

> Dress in a way that speaks to your interpretation of beauty and makes you feel good. 

> Keep people in your life that appreciate you and “love you just the way you are” (thanks to Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones for that wisdom).

> Write a list of positive qualities about yourself and your life. An example could be ‘I am kind’ or ‘I make people laugh’ or ‘I have nice hair’. Look at your list often. 

> Give yourself to small treats often that make you feel how you want to feel. Buy yourself flowers. light a kindle, put your feet up with a good book or indulge yourself in one of your favourite guilty pleasures.

> Live in the moment and acknowledge all that is good. Give yourself credit for your part in making good choices and loving yourself enough to be where you are today, even when your life is not perfect or where you’d like it to be. 

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