How Your Breasts Affect Your Self Esteem



Breasts are uniquely symbolic to the female figure hence our self-esteem or self-image often being so closely attached to these two glands on the front of our chest.

These mammary glands, more commonly known and enjoyed as boobs, are wonderful things that give us and our partners pleasure, provide sustenance for our new born babies and make clothes look good on us – or do they?

I believe the answer to this question lies squarely on the shoulders of the one who bears these ‘babies’ or ‘girls’, as some fondly call them. But isn’t it ironic that the same protrusions can be seen as blessings, by one woman, and by another, the very same boobs can be seen as curses.

I’m one of those girls that has been ‘blessed’ but I often saw them as a curse – they stopped me being able to compete at school swimming galas in the early nineties, due to school bathing suits not being suitable for a busty teenage girl. ‘They’ were jolly heavy when I was trying to dash around the field, playing hockey and they definitely frustrated me when I was wanting to be taken seriously by male counter parts, starting out my career, and all they could stare at were my ‘girls’, instead of my face, whilst speaking to them.

On the other hand, I have a dear friend that would give her left foot to be bestowed upon as much as I am – she’s worn 2 padded bras on top of each other to boost her confidence when in the gym. I’d Love to share some of my ampleness with her, to allow myself to wear some nice little spaghetti strap top, but alas, that is not possible!

Some women are born with breasts that differ by a cup size or more, which can be really awkward and particularly difficult when bra shopping.

All of this can have a serious effect on one’s self esteem.

Last, but not at all least are women who’ve been affected by cancer, or by accidents, who have had to have either one or both breasts removed. The loss of one’s breast can affect one’s self-esteem, sex drive and her general feeling as a woman. Some of this can be helped by having a strong support structure and leaning on one’s partner (if you have a partner), or family to receive support about how you’re feeling as a woman.

But at the end of the day, what’s most important is how YOU feel about your ‘girls’!

Debby Herbenick, PhD and author of ‘Because It Feels Good’ sums it up, saying “Enjoying your breasts helps you feel confident about your body because you’re embracing whom you are” – Each and every size can make you feel good.

Boobs can also help lift your mood! They can give you confidence and make you feel damn sexy.

Here are some important pointers for having happy ‘girls’ and a good self-esteem:

– Keep a positive attitude.

– Do things that make you feel healthy and good about yourself.

– Talk with your partner about your boobs.

– Consider breast surgery, reconstruction, augmentation or reduction.

Bottom line: Although breast surgery can change your feelings about yourself and your body, it’s important to remember that you’re worthy of love and attention — both from yourself and others. We’re each born individuals and it’s important to love your breasts for you, without the need of comparisons to anyone else!

Note: Good surgeons will help women assess whether their expectations and reasons for wanting breast implant surgery are realistic before carrying out the surgery.

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