How To Love Your Boobs!


Do you love your boobs?

For the majority of women in western society today the answer to this question is a firm ‘No’.

It’s easy for people so spout about ‘loving your body’ and self love is a hot topic in the media right now, however in practice it can be darned hard, especially when the truth is we don’t always love our bodies! 

So either we keep quiet when it comes to our true feelings about our bodies (silent misery for many women), or we complain to our friends, who politely say that we are fine just the way that we are (but we don’t believe them!)

For some women their feelings towards their breasts go far deeper than mere dissatisfaction. For a select group of women their negative relationship with their breasts is seriously impacting on their day to day lives. 

Anna’s Story

Anna was always slim as a child and she had a slight build, yet as she grew up and became a teenager her breasts just seemed to grow and grow.

At secondary school she always felt embarrassed about the size of her breasts and tried to cover them up with baggy clothes. 

The boys at her school picked up on her discomfort and began teasing her! They used to sing derogatory songs about her boobs in the playground. Once Anne even heard a teacher laugh at one of the songs! She felt ashamed and began to hate her boobs. 

She wondered why they were so big when none of her friends boobs were that size! Where her pals has pretty little bras, she had to wear huge, unsightly white contraptions. 

She became very shy and developed low self esteem. She always felt incredibly awkward about her body and hated doing physical education at school because she was afraid her breasts would wobble. 

Anna was surprised when she began dating and the men she dated seemed to love her bigger breasts. To her they were nothing but a burden and she just wanted to cover them up. She found it hard to relax in the bedroom. 

Her bigger boobs meant that the only clothes which fitted her were several sizes bigger than she actually needed, so she always felt frumpy. She developed a ‘stoop’ in response to her shame about her boobs. 

Despite all these problems, by far the worst was the back pain she experienced due to her heavy breasts and bad posture. As she entered her 20’s she was regularly taking pain killers to try to alleviate the pain. 

Eventually Anna decided to have breast reduction surgery. 

She was pretty nervous about it and took a long time to think over the decision. After talking it through with an expert Breast Surgeon she decided to go ahead with the op. 

Anna says it was the best thing she ever did. 

Once she recovered from her op she immediately felt more ‘at home’ with her new breasts. She was still the same person, and she wasn’t suddenly a super model, but to her her boobs finally felt like they were the right size for her body. 

The back pain went away and gradually she was able to increase her confidence and self esteem. 

Why So Many Women Don’t Love Their Boobs

Breasts covered

Everywhere we turn these days we are bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ looking women. Airbrushed has become normal. While we are smart enough to know that these images are not realistic representations of real women, it still has an impact

How To Love Your Boobs More!

So what can we do to love our boobs more? 

  • Look at real women – Stop comparing yourself to the women you see on the TV, in magazines, on billboards and even on your laptop or in your Facebook newsfeed. Instead start looking at the real women who are around you every day. You will begin to see that we come in all shapes and sizes! 

  • Practice self acceptance – I won’t ask you to practice self love because that can be a tough call if you have had years of struggle with your body. Instead see if you can just be a little more accepting of yourself. It’s true that you are not perfect, but have you ever noticed how the truly sexy people aren’t? They are simply accepting of themselves and have learned to be comfortable in their own skins! 

  • Exercise and nourish your body for health – Instead of fighting with your body to try to make it look differently from how it does, switch the focus to exercising and nourishing your body (through food) for health. It’s a completely different experience and helps you to move away from neurosis. 

  • Talk to them! Yup, I really said that! OK, so it may sound a little crazy, but it is very hard to dislike something that you talk to fondly every day. Next time you are in front of a mirror, try it! 

  • Choose great clothes – Gok Wan proved that women of all shapes and sizes can be sexy and glamorous when they pick the right clothes. Don’t hide yourself under baggy layers. If this area intimidates you seek out a Personal Stylist to help you. 

  • Watch your thoughts and inner dialogue – Notice whether you are constantly criticising your body and especially your boobs. Begin to catch yourself when you are saying something unkind and replace it with something just a little gentler. After all, if you wouldn’t talk to your best friend that way, then why is it OK to do it to yourself? 

When You Are Just Not Feeling The Love

If you have tried everything within your power to love your boobs, or even to just accept them, and you still feel miserable because of them, it’s time to take action. 

When your breasts are making you miserable, causing you pain, affecting your self esteem or in any way reducing the quality of your life, it may be time to consider surgery. Talk to an expert Breast Surgeon to find out what your options are. 




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