Considering Breast Surgery – How Do You Decide?

considering breast surgery? Woman Being measured.

When you are considering breast surgery, there are so many factors to think about – It is a serious decision that will impact all areas of your life and you want to make the right choice.

Your family and friends might also be giving you advice, which can either help or hinder the decision making process.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering breast surgery.

The First Question to Ask When Considering Breast Surgery

This first question is sometimes a simple question – Do you want to? The decision to have breast surgery is a very personal one.

At the end of the day, the most important question is “do you want to?”

Breast augmentation can help you feel better about yourself and your body, improve your self confidence, help your clothes fit better, and improve your overall appearance.

Breast surgery should not be a rash decision, or a knee jerk reaction when you are experiencing such major life events as marriage or divorce, the loss of a loved, or the loss of a job.

Some Reasons in Favour of Breast Surgery

Correct Cup Sizes of Asymmetrical Breasts.

Some women have different sized breasts that can be noticeable under clothes. These differences may actually feel like a deformity. Correcting this difference can help bras and clothes fit better and improve your body confidence. 

Regain Pre-Pregnancy Body.

The breasts go through major changes with pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can look and feel smaller and be in a permanent state of sagging. Breast surgery can help bring them back to their pre-pregnancy form.

Other Questions to Ask When Considering Breast Surgery

Once you decide if you want breast surgery, there are many other important questions to consider.

Note: There have been studies done that show women with pre-existing psychiatric conditions or alcoholism can actually experience lower self-esteem after breast surgery. If you have either of these pre-existing conditions, please meet with your general doctor and your plastic surgeon to talk about the affect breast surgery may have on you.

Do you have a reputable breast surgeon that you feel comfortable with?

Feeling comfortable with your breast surgeon and their staff is very important. Is the breast surgeon compliant with national guidelines? Would you feel better with a 2nd opinion from another surgeon?

If so, do all the research and consultations you need to answer your questions and feel comfortable with your decision and the way the procedure will be performed. Ask to see before and after photos of some of their patients and ask if previous patients offer testimonials.

Are you educated about the risks of breast surgery?

During your first consultation with a breast surgeon, they should explain all of the risks to you including possible complications and when follow-up surgery should be pursued. If these risks are not discussed, you should find another breast surgeon.

Are you in good physical condition?

Being in good physical condition helps your body to recover more easily. When your body is close to its ideal weight, the appearance of your new breasts can be perceived better than in cases of excess weight or if you are too thin.

Are you able to properly recover from breast surgery?

Your body should have 2-3 weeks of rest in order to recover properly. Are you able to be on holiday for that long? It is recommended to not exercise for almost 6 weeks following breast surgery. Are you OK with that? 

Only you can decide if breast surgery is right for you.

Your opinion of yourself matters the most. If any aspect of the surgery does not feel right (physically, emotionally, financially), it is best to wait.

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