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The Benefits of Breast Massage

The main purpose of breast massage is to remove harmful toxins from your body.

However, there are many more benefits to breast massage. Actually, any type of massage is beneficial. Below are some benefits of massaging the breasts.

Breast Massage Can Improve Breast Appearance

Yes, breast massage can help the appearance of your breasts. The shape of your breasts benefit from breast massage. Massaging your breasts can prevent sagging and create a more attractive bust line.

The act of massaging is like a form of exercise for your breasts. The massage stimulates circulation that can help break down benign cysts and strengthen the ligaments and muscle tissue in the chest. The result is firmer breasts and less sagging.

Breast Massage has Benefits to Your Health

Toxins can accumulate in the breasts and could contribute to development of cancer.  Breast massage can promote the breasts’ lymphatic system to drain. When toxins are decreased in the breast tissue, nutrient-rich blood can then circulate in the breast tissue thus helping to creating healthier breasts and improved health overall.

Therapeutic Benefits of Breast Massage

Massaging any area of the body can have healing affects for aches and pains. The soft gentle approach of massage, especially on the breasts, can be incredibly therapeutic. Breast massage can lessen lessen pain and swelling, reduces soreness in breast tissue, and softens tension in the ligaments.

More therapeutic benefits of breast massage is a relaxed mind and body along with improved self confidence.

Breast Massage Can Provide Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The technology for mammograms is improving, but it is not the a perfect solution. Breast massage is one of the best ways to detect the early stages of breast cancer. Knowing how your breasts look and feel over time is one of the best ways to tell if something is changing and what to tell your doctor.

Your doctor sees you once a year. You see your breasts every day of the year. You know how they look and feel during each stage of your menstrual cycle. When you are familiar with your breasts you can better speak about them to your doctor should anything start to concern you.

How To Do a Breast Massage

There are lots of resources available online to learn how to do a breast massage. Here are the basics.

Do a breast massage (aka breast exam) once a month. The breast tissue is less sensitive after your menstrual cycle. If you no longer have periods, pick a day that’s easy to remember.

Step 1: Prepare your hands by using a lubricant, preferably a natural one like olive oil. This will help your hands move more easily over your skin. Apply the natural lubricant to your hands and slowly rub your hands together to warm you hands and the lubricant for a more comfortable massage.

Step 2: Lay down and use your right hand to feel your left breast and vice versa. Keep your fingers together and flat. Move them in a circular motion about the size of a large coin using a soft yet firm touch. Massage the entire breast from top to bottom and side to side. Use different amounts of pressure from light to medium to firm on different parts of the breast. You can also include your armpit.

Step 3: Sit or stand and feel your breasts again using the same motions as when you were laying down. Alternatively you can do this while in the shower, since your hands will already be wet.

Considering Breast Surgery – How Do You Decide?

considering breast surgery? Woman Being measured.

When you are considering breast surgery, there are so many factors to think about – It is a serious decision that will impact all areas of your life and you want to make the right choice.

Your family and friends might also be giving you advice, which can either help or hinder the decision making process.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering breast surgery.

The First Question to Ask When Considering Breast Surgery

This first question is sometimes a simple question – Do you want to? The decision to have breast surgery is a very personal one.

At the end of the day, the most important question is “do you want to?”

Breast augmentation can help you feel better about yourself and your body, improve your self confidence, help your clothes fit better, and improve your overall appearance.

Breast surgery should not be a rash decision, or a knee jerk reaction when you are experiencing such major life events as marriage or divorce, the loss of a loved, or the loss of a job.

Some Reasons in Favour of Breast Surgery

Correct Cup Sizes of Asymmetrical Breasts.

Some women have different sized breasts that can be noticeable under clothes. These differences may actually feel like a deformity. Correcting this difference can help bras and clothes fit better and improve your body confidence. 

Regain Pre-Pregnancy Body.

The breasts go through major changes with pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can look and feel smaller and be in a permanent state of sagging. Breast surgery can help bring them back to their pre-pregnancy form.

Other Questions to Ask When Considering Breast Surgery

Once you decide if you want breast surgery, there are many other important questions to consider.

Note: There have been studies done that show women with pre-existing psychiatric conditions or alcoholism can actually experience lower self-esteem after breast surgery. If you have either of these pre-existing conditions, please meet with your general doctor and your plastic surgeon to talk about the affect breast surgery may have on you.

Do you have a reputable breast surgeon that you feel comfortable with?

Feeling comfortable with your breast surgeon and their staff is very important. Is the breast surgeon compliant with national guidelines? Would you feel better with a 2nd opinion from another surgeon?

If so, do all the research and consultations you need to answer your questions and feel comfortable with your decision and the way the procedure will be performed. Ask to see before and after photos of some of their patients and ask if previous patients offer testimonials.

Are you educated about the risks of breast surgery?

During your first consultation with a breast surgeon, they should explain all of the risks to you including possible complications and when follow-up surgery should be pursued. If these risks are not discussed, you should find another breast surgeon.

Are you in good physical condition?

Being in good physical condition helps your body to recover more easily. When your body is close to its ideal weight, the appearance of your new breasts can be perceived better than in cases of excess weight or if you are too thin.

Are you able to properly recover from breast surgery?

Your body should have 2-3 weeks of rest in order to recover properly. Are you able to be on holiday for that long? It is recommended to not exercise for almost 6 weeks following breast surgery. Are you OK with that? 

Only you can decide if breast surgery is right for you.

Your opinion of yourself matters the most. If any aspect of the surgery does not feel right (physically, emotionally, financially), it is best to wait.

Contact us and arrange a chat with one of our expert Surgeons to help you when considering breast surgery. 

Practice Self Love This Valentine’s Day and Improve Your Health!

Self Love Valentines

Experience more love this Valentine’s Day by practicing self-love.

Our culture naturally focuses more on romance and couples at Valentine’s, rather than on ‘self love’ or ‘love’ in the truer sense of the word. However, if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, or your partner doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, this time of year can make you feel like you’re missing out.

When you get down to it, we could all use more self-love in our lives, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not. Showing yourself more self-love actually improves your emotional and physical health. 

Self love has been proven to positively impact your physical health!

Your Heart is Healthier When You Love Yourself

Studies show that people who improve and maintain good self-esteem are generally healthier than those who don’t. Low self-esteem can actually bring about health issues.

The benefits of self-love spill over into all areas of your life. When you feel good and have love for yourself, everyone benefits. Why do you think so many people started paying it forward in cafes? 

Make Peace and Self Love, Not War

People who make peace with their physical body are better able to deal with life’s problems.

A study shows that self acceptance not only improves how you see your body image but also makes you more accepting of others. Couldn’t this world use more of that? Peace really does start at home.

How You Perceive Yourself Affects Your Physical Health

Unfortunately our culture is a ‘judging and shaming’ culture by its very nature. Body shame actually increases the possibility that mental and physical health will decline. When you practice self love with yourself and also extend love to others who support you, the shame begins to fade away.

More inner peace and love start to become the norm in your life instead of negativity and unrest.

Start Adding More Self Love Into Your Life with These Simple Suggestions:

> Dress in a way that speaks to your interpretation of beauty and makes you feel good. 

> Keep people in your life that appreciate you and “love you just the way you are” (thanks to Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones for that wisdom).

> Write a list of positive qualities about yourself and your life. An example could be ‘I am kind’ or ‘I make people laugh’ or ‘I have nice hair’. Look at your list often. 

> Give yourself to small treats often that make you feel how you want to feel. Buy yourself flowers. light a kindle, put your feet up with a good book or indulge yourself in one of your favourite guilty pleasures.

> Live in the moment and acknowledge all that is good. Give yourself credit for your part in making good choices and loving yourself enough to be where you are today, even when your life is not perfect or where you’d like it to be. 

If you struggle with loving yourself, especially your breasts, we would be happy to talk with you about it. Call 0207 164 6187 for a friendly chat now. 

Healthy Breasts, Self Care and Pleasure


Keep Your Breasts Healthy By Improving Your Lifestyle and Making Time for Pleasure

While genetics and family history can play a role in the diagnosis of breast cancer, there is also evidence that supports the importance of frequent self care and a healthy lifestyle.

Self care isn’t just about diet and exercise, although that is part of it. Self care is about nurturing and giving to oneself physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

Women often feel that taking care of themselves is selfish. It’s not, it’s actually selfless – When you practice self care you reduce your risk of getting sick and you can be there for the people who need you.

Often the women who can be most at risk for developing breast cancer are those who have a hard time taking care of themselves and receiving pleasure in their lives. 

Learn the Importance of Self Care for Breast Health

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t give what you don’t have.” If a women doesn’t feel loved, appreciated, worthy, and accepted by herself and for herself, eventually she will not be able to give such things to others.

With all the giving that women do, it is important that we feel fulfilled and experience pleasure on an ongoing basis. It is even more important that we don’t depend solely on other people for getting the love and fulfilment we need.

Women must learn to nurture and love themselves first. This also means learning how to ask for / receive help and making time for pleasure.

Learn How To Experience Pleasure – Your Breasts Will Thank You! 

Humans were designed to experience pleasure.

Pleasure isn’t just sex, although that is definitely one of the ways we can have pleasure, but pleasure is also so much more than sex.

Pleasure is the way a decadent piece of chocolate melts in your mouth. It is the way a sunrise and make you feel alive and well. It’s a walk in fresh air surrounded by nature. It’s the way a child can melt your heart when they tell you they love you.

Our culture has made “being busy” a status symbol. It has lost touch with the importance of taking time and effort to nurture the body and soul.

Women who know how to love themselves have some of the most pleasurable lives around. They see the value in themselves, they feed their minds with positive thoughts, they give their bodies relaxing and sensual experiences which develops self love and confidence and then they attract love and confidence in all areas of life. 

Every emotion a person has is connected to a biochemical process in the body, so, which is better for longterm health? A person who has stress, drama, and negativity in their life? Or a person who makes choices to include and create positive thoughts, words, and situations in their life?

Life isn’t always a walk in the park, there are challenges, but a lot can be done to improve the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives that we hold.

There is another popular saying by Charles R. Swindoll which says “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Take the time to add more self care to your daily life to improve your breast health and reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

Learn how to use all of your senses to create pleasurable experiences for yourself. Your mind, body, and soul will begin to feel better which can positively affect all the cells in your body, keeping you, and your breasts, healthy.

Enjoy the holidays! 

Healthy Eating During the Holidays


It may sound like a tall order to try healthy eating during the holidays. There are so many decadent treats and calorific drinks around. Wouldn’t it be torture to be around all that food and not indulge? 

Well in fact following just a few simple guidelines during this time can bring you big benefits without you feeling like you missed out. It’s not about total avoidance, just a few small tweaks to keep you on track… 

Practicing your good habits means you don’t have to start from scratch on January 1st.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy some holiday cheer without guilty in the new year.

Tips for Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Don’t Panic, Just Pay Attention

Don’t believe the hype that the average person gains 10 pounds during the holidays. You may gain a few pounds, but it’s unlikely to be 10. Soothe any panic you have about all the holiday parties coming up by giving yourself game plan. Tell yourself it’s okay to indulge once (maybe twice) during a party, then relax and enjoy.

Stressing and worrying can actually trigger you to eat more!

Do A Daily Check-In for Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Maybe weigh yourself once a day or try on a pair of skinny jeans just to keep yourself in check. This suggestion isn’t meant to encourage obsessive behaviour. Use it as a reminder to keep up the good habits of healthy eating during the holidays and all year.

Take A Break From The Gym For Some Holiday-themed Activity

If going to the gym feels like torture or all the holiday parties are keeping you away, it’s ok. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break. Instead, go for a walk or a run in the park and look at the holiday decorations. Dance to your favourite holiday tunes as you clean for the relatives coming over. Consider the heavy grocery bags of party food strength training for your core and arms.

Make Your Mantra Be “Maybe Later”

When someone offers you a tasty treat, instead of saying “No, thanks” say “Ooo, maybe later” with some enthusiasm. It’s a kinder way of declining the offer. You can continue with your mingling and you, and the host, might forget about it together.

Delay isn’t denial. If you are really craving that chocolate cake, think about how good you look in your dress tonight and tell yourself you will treat yourself to a slice tomorrow. Healthy eating during the holidays is about compromise.

Sleep Keeps Your Slim

Some studies show that sleeping less leads to weight gain. Why? The longer you are awake, the more you want to eat. If you start a regular habit of staying up late, you body releases hormones to tell you to eat.

Sleep has more benefits than just keeping your weight in check. It helps your brain to be sharper too. Plus, you don’t want to be awake when Santa arrives, right?

Healthy eating during the holidays is possible. Keep practicing those good habits and think of the holiday treats as little gifts to yourself.

Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy


Saggy breasts after pregnancy happens.

It’s a fact of life! Saggy breasts can even occur when we don’t have kids or breastfeed. However there are some things you can do to improve the appearance of saggy breasts. 

Why Do Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy Happen?

The collagen in our skin decreases as we age, and since the skin on our breasts is thin to begin with, well, there you have it – saggy breasts. Don’t fret though. Our breast pampering tips can help them look and feel better.

Gently Wash and Exfoliate Your Saggy Breasts After Pregancy

The key word here is “gently” and the exfoliating is more for your décolletage than your actual breasts. The skin on your chest is quite thin, and no doubt has gone through a lot after pregnancy, and in life in general.

Think about it. Our breasts are in and out of bras their whole life, they bounce around when we do most types of activity (run, walk, exercise, dance, etc), we sleep on them, and if you have breastfed your babies, well, enough said.

Pampering your décolletage and your saggy breasts with a gentle wash and scrub can reinvigorate them.

The actual motion of washing them with a gentle cleanser can remove impurities, increase new cell growth (yes, please), and help prevent blemishes (another yes, please). All of this can help give the skin on your chest and your breasts a beautiful glow and appear younger.

Find a scrub with a gentle cleansing formula or create your own natural scrub by mixing 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Mix well and slowly massage your chest and breasts.

Soon you will feel the sensual goddess that is deep inside of you, waiting to be awaken. If you don’t, keep trying, she might be in a really deep sleep. 🙂

Pamper Your Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy

Looking at saggy breasts after pregnancy can be less than inspiring at times. However, the more you look at them and pamper them, the more you will stop seeing saggy breasts and start seeing beautiful breasts.

Massaging your breasts can be pampering and productive. How is it productive? In the form of a breast exam that doctors and research says helps detect lumps and early cancer detection.

But let’s get back to pampering…

There are firming masks for breasts that are available in spas and in beauty stores. They can tighten and nourish skin that is hungry for collagen.

If you prefer a natural remedy, there are many home recipes for pampering our beautiful saggy breasts that can be found online or in print.

Stop Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy with the Right Support

This pampering tip is so true yet so many woman dismiss it – have a professional bra fitting.

Wearing the right bra size and type is life-changing.

Wearing a bra that doesn’t provide the right support can cause lots of damage over the years. Many women wear bras that are too big. Therefore, the weight of the breasts are causing the skin to sag because the breasts aren’t supported enough. This is true for small breasts too.

Finding a properly fitting sports bra is just as important. The bouncing that occurs can stretch the skin and ligaments. Every six months, replace your bras if they are feel like they aren’t as supportive when you bought them.

Your body weight also influences how saggy breasts can become after pregnancy.

If you gain and lose more than 10 pounds on a consistent basis, you breasts may appear to sag more often.

If saggy breasts after pregnancy are still having a negative affect on your emotional wellbeing, confidence and overall happiness after you’ve tried the tips above, feel free to contact us to talk through the solutions we can provide.

Love Your Breasts with Lingerie


If you aren’t in love with your breasts (and even if you are), here is an idea to try – Love them with Lingerie!

Lingerie Has Had a Bad Press!

Most women today are busy, and so we often tend to wear cotton knickers from M&S and a stretched but comfy old bra! Great for comfort, not so good for our sense of femininity, attractiveness and libido!

Show your breasts some love with lingerie. They are a special body part that represents femininity, strength, and vitality. If you’re not keen on the idea of lingerie, that’s fine. However, I dare you to give it a try for longer than a day and see if it makes a difference to you.

If you are new to the world of wearing luxurious lingerie on a regular basis, here are some helpful things to know.

Tips for Getting Into Lingerie

First, you don’t have to go for the popularised version of lingerie (think small, black and tight, oh and seriously uncomfortable)! That might be the reason many women don’t wear lingerie more often. The popular culture has focused on a certain type of look of lingerie and that doesn’t fit the personalities (or bodies) of all women.

To feel comfortable wearing lingerie, find a style that fits your personality and comfort levels. There are more styles of lingerie these days to match your fashion style. For example, search for “bohemian lingerie” or “sporty lingerie” and you will find lingerie that matches a fashion style.

When you have found a style you love you will be more likely to wear it on a daily basis, which in turn can help you feel good / attractive.

Re-Claiming Lingerie as a Feminine Pleasure

Wear lingerie to change how you feel. This contradicts the point above, but stick with me, it’s for a good reason. If you usually wear more sporty or casual lingerie and you want to feel different, e.g. more feminine or sexier, then wearing a different style of lingerie sometimes can help with this.

Going back to the beginning of not being in love with your breasts, this is wear lingerie can help. Just like wearing new clothes, getting a new hair style, painting your nails a new colour can all make you feel better, wearing lingerie can make you feel better about your breasts, your appearance and yourself.

For example, say you usually don’t wear coloured nail lacquer on your nails. Then one day you try a little bit of colour, nothing bold, just a hint of something that you like. How does that make you feel? Pretty? Fun? Chic? Better than if you weren’t wearing nail lacquer? The same applies to lingerie.

Introduce Yourself to the World of Lingerie

To give lingerie a try, slowly ease into it, unless you have been waiting a while and just needed some encouragement to do it.

If you are shopping online, don’t go for the first site you find. Search around and find a website that has a look and feel for what you want.

If you are shopping in person, find a department store or boutique that you feel comfortable being in. Don’t choose a store that intimidates you. Find a place where you feel welcome with the merchandise and the staff.

Next, have a proper bra fitting. It is true, most women aren’t wearing the correct size bra. Once you try on a bra size that is correct for you, your world changes in beautiful ways.

Find Lingerie that You Love and Wear it Often

When you find a bra and lingerie that cup your breasts in a comfortable and beautiful way, something positive happens to you. Your breasts feel loved and you feel loved. You feel better about yourself and your breasts. You also look better in your clothes.

Great lingerie gives your physique a great shape.

Give it a try and let us know how it has changes your life!

PS – If you still don’t love your breasts and it’s making your life miserable, it might be time to consider cosmetic surgery. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

A Brief History of Breast Augmentation


Larger breasts have long been the desire of many a woman. Here we discover the journey from the historical and somewhat absurd beginnings of breast augmentation to today’s sophisticated solutions.

The Beginning of Breast Enlargements

The pursuit of breast enlargements was recorded to have started in the late 1800’s, when women injected their breasts with paraffin. Thankfully, this was promptly abandoned as they found it leaked into other parts of their bodies.

Already in the 1920’s & 30’s doctors were experimenting with removing fat from other parts of the body and transplanting it to the breast for enlargements, but this was unsuccessful at this stage.

The 1950’s saw a resurgence of interest in breast enlargements with surgeons trying sponges, glass balls, cartilage, polyurethane and even wood as implants but none of these, understandably, worked.

In Japan, prostitutes started injecting their breasts with silicone but with disastrous effect as gangrene, known as ‘silicone rot’ developed around the area that had been injected.

First Silicone Implants Developed

Then in the 60’s, two surgeons were working together when they came up with the idea of silicone implants. One of the surgeons, Frank Gerow, was holding a plastic blood bag in his hand and squeezed it only to remark how similar it felt to a woman’s breast. 

The idea was born from that moment and they set to work to operate and insert a prototype in Esmeralda, a dog, initially. This operation was a success and the next step was to start trying the same method on women.

This first silicone implant was called the Cronin-Gerow implant after the two surgeons who had initially thought of & developed the implant, and the operation on the first woman was a great success – She still has the implants in her body today, over 50 years later.

Where We Are Today

Breast augmentation has come a long way since then, with better technology such as rupture-proof implants and 3D imaging and also a better understanding of what’s possible, resulting in over 450 specific sizes.

We take breast augmentation, whether cosmetic or reconstructive in nature, very seriously at The Breast Expert. We are a group of senior nationally and internationally renowned UK-trained specialist consultant breast surgeons who want to improve the quality of treatment and service given to patients in the UK.

If you have any questions about breast augmentation, call us for a free consultation and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

An Apple a Day…

… May help keep breast cancer away!


The old adage goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – However medical science shows us that it may also help keep breast cancer away as well.

The evidence has now proven that apples,  with their peel on, are a rich source of fibre, anti-oxidants (you know, those things that also comes in expensive face creams) and other cancer fighting good stuff!

And that’s not all, along with apples, there’s a range of ‘goodies’ in your pantry, or local market (preferably organic or grown in your own garden), that help to strengthen your body in its daily fight against cancer, specifically looking at breast cancer in this article. 

An easy way to remember some of theses fabs foods is by thinking of a traffic light’s colours – Green, red and orange.

Green is for broccoli – Breast cancer researchers have found that this brilliant little green veggie actually blocks tumour growth, preventing further spreading of cancer. Along with this fab green number, you can include veggies such as Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale & cauliflower. Eaten once or twice a day, raw, steamed or stir-fried, these veggies pack a powerful anti-cancer punch!

Red is for salmon (and sardines and mackeral, any oily fish, really). The optimal amount per week is 8 ounces. These delicious fish contain omega-3 fats, known to reduce inflammation, which decreases the likelihood of breast cancer. Or, if you’re someone who doesn’t  like fresh fish, you could opt for the supplements aisle instead to stock up on a good fish oil Omega 3 supplement. But ensure you’re taking the best quality supplements you can afford, as one’s health is not worth gambling with.

Last but not least in our colourful reminder, orange is for Turmeric, the spice that over the last few years is garnering a lot of excitement amongst nutritionists and scientists. The magic ingredient in turmeric is Curcumin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects for one’s overall well being, but some lab-based studies have shown that taking Curcumin supplements has helped certain drug-based therapies when fighting breast cancer.

So ladies, please take care of your health, starting from today.

These are just a few of the fab foodie ways of protecting yourself and your breasts from cancer. If you’re one of the brave survivors out there, we’d like to thank you for fighting so courageously and encourage you to use food to assist you for the rest of your journey.

We care hugely for our patients and each and everyone is important to us – Whether your surgery is by choice or fate.

So here’s to your health ladies, let’s seize the day for we do not know what tomorrow holds!

A Cultural History of Breasts

Breasts covered

The female breast.

They are a beautiful part of the human body that provides food to a baby. They are also considered one of the most popular parts of the human body for sexual desire.

The question has been debated for years as to whether female breasts are an organ of physical need or for sexual pleasure. The fact that breasts are both.

They are also a very personal part of the female physique and can be a source of discomfort, embarrassment and even shame for some woman, which is sad (if you feel like this about your breasts please contact us as we can help!)

Some Historical Facts About Female Breasts

The earliest known case of breast cancer is noted to come from ancient Egypt back in 3000 BC.

Wet-nursing, as it was called back in 2000 BC, has been described as one of the world’s earliest professions. If a woman could not or did not want to breastfeed her child, other women were recruited to perform this task. This was accepted in society until the nursing bottle was invented in the 19th century.

In the 1700s, the broad-rimmed Champagne glass was rumoured to be modelled after Marie Antoinette’s breasts. This turned out not to be true, but it is evidence that society has viewed the female breast as an object of desire.

In the early 1900s, the world’s first bra appeared in society. A member of New York’s upper class named Mary Phelps Jacob did not like how a corset looked with an evening dress. With two handkerchiefs and some ribbon, the first version of the bra was created.

Big breasts were not always popular in society. In the 1920s, the fashion scene preferred flat chests. Bras were constructed to flatten the breasts. This didn’t last long, but it did happen.

The1950s brought about the beginning of society’s obsession with larger breasts. Pinup models like Maryilyn Monroe and Bettie Page were the cover girls for sex appeal which highlighted large breasts.

The first breast implant occurred in the early 1960s and the desire for the procedure has not slowed down since. Breast implants serve as source of healing for women who have had a mastectomy. They can also be a source of improved self esteem for women who feel self conscious about having small or misshapen breasts.

Breast implants are a very personal decision for a woman. This decision should be made with careful consideration and consultation from medical professionals and maybe a psychiatrist.

measuring breasts

We are experts in breast surgery and our experienced consultants are available to talk to you in person or on the telephone if you are considering breast surgery.