An Apple a Day…

… May help keep breast cancer away!


The old adage goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – However medical science shows us that it may also help keep breast cancer away as well.

The evidence has now proven that apples,  with their peel on, are a rich source of fibre, anti-oxidants (you know, those things that also comes in expensive face creams) and other cancer fighting good stuff!

And that’s not all, along with apples, there’s a range of ‘goodies’ in your pantry, or local market (preferably organic or grown in your own garden), that help to strengthen your body in its daily fight against cancer, specifically looking at breast cancer in this article. 

An easy way to remember some of theses fabs foods is by thinking of a traffic light’s colours – Green, red and orange.

Green is for broccoli – Breast cancer researchers have found that this brilliant little green veggie actually blocks tumour growth, preventing further spreading of cancer. Along with this fab green number, you can include veggies such as Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale & cauliflower. Eaten once or twice a day, raw, steamed or stir-fried, these veggies pack a powerful anti-cancer punch!

Red is for salmon (and sardines and mackeral, any oily fish, really). The optimal amount per week is 8 ounces. These delicious fish contain omega-3 fats, known to reduce inflammation, which decreases the likelihood of breast cancer. Or, if you’re someone who doesn’t  like fresh fish, you could opt for the supplements aisle instead to stock up on a good fish oil Omega 3 supplement. But ensure you’re taking the best quality supplements you can afford, as one’s health is not worth gambling with.

Last but not least in our colourful reminder, orange is for Turmeric, the spice that over the last few years is garnering a lot of excitement amongst nutritionists and scientists. The magic ingredient in turmeric is Curcumin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects for one’s overall well being, but some lab-based studies have shown that taking Curcumin supplements has helped certain drug-based therapies when fighting breast cancer.

So ladies, please take care of your health, starting from today.

These are just a few of the fab foodie ways of protecting yourself and your breasts from cancer. If you’re one of the brave survivors out there, we’d like to thank you for fighting so courageously and encourage you to use food to assist you for the rest of your journey.

We care hugely for our patients and each and everyone is important to us – Whether your surgery is by choice or fate.

So here’s to your health ladies, let’s seize the day for we do not know what tomorrow holds!

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